Pre School

Within the room we aim to provide a stimulating environment through both the room layout and activities provided. The structure of this room holds similarities to that of a school nursery providing all the stationary areas of learning i.e. sand/water, construction, mark making, role play and creative areas.

Children’s work is displayed around the room which shows that their work is valued and appreciated and that they belong as part of a group within nursery. Children are openly encouraged to display their own work allowing them to show pride in their creations and achievements. There are a wide variety of activities available for children to participate in which are generally centered on an area of interest. These activities range from painting and gluing to problem solving and numeracy. Within the areas of interest we incorporate many festivals from around the world, festivals provide children an insight into the lives and beliefs of people in other countries with varying cultures.

We aim to cater for each child’s individual needs and to enable us to do this each child has their own key worker who creats a personal profile for the child. The profile contains observations on the child and records significant steps in their development, along with this regular development records are carried out by the childs key worker. The children will as with the other age groups work on The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.


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