Parents Partnership

Partnership with Parents and Carers

Leaving your child at nursery can be a difficult process, but by working in partnership with parents we can make it easier. We encourage parents and children to visit the nursery before starting with us, enabling children to gain awareness of the setting, routines with in and familiarise themselves with other children. We like parents to be actively involved within all areas of nursery life and promote this. Cheeky Monkees Day Nursery recognises that working in partnership with parents is of major value and importance when providing a happy, caring, and stable environment for children. We aim to form a good relationship with parents and carers so that information regarding their children (be it developmental, social, or health related) can be exchanged easily and comfortably by nursery staff and parents.

We aim to achieve a strong working partnership with parents through:

Having a dedicated key worker for your child.

Having a Manager or Senior Nursery Nurse available for discussion with parents and carers at all times. Arrangements can be made for more private discussions at agreed times.

Information provided by parents/carers about their children, will be kept confidential and treated on a strict need to know basis.

Information regarding children’s activities throughout the day will always be available to parents on a daily basis via verbal/written communication with staff.

Activity planning will be on display within the nursery for parents and carers to view.

Regular newsletters and facebook updates will be issued to keep parents and carers up to date with information about the nursery. This may include new developments, staff changes, recent outings, etc.

Parents evenings where parents have the opportunity to sit down with their child’s key worker and discuss their development, etc

Should we have any concerns about a child’s wellbeing during the day, every effort will be made to contact the parents/carers or their emergency contact.

When possible in aim to further children’s development, parents/carers may be asked to bring items from home for topic work, i.e. photographs, old boxes and cartons.

Parents/carers are requested to keep us informed of any changes in personal circumstances, which may have an effect upon a child. These may include change of address, telephone number, doctor, emergency contact.

Parents/carers are also requested to keep us informed of any circumstances which could have an effect on the child’s emotional wellbeing, e.g. bereavement, separation or illness in the family.

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