Health, Safety & Security

Policies and Procedures

To adhere to best practice and OFSTED guidance we are required to have a number of policies and procedures which cover aspects of safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare, employing suitable staff, having suitable premises, environment and equipment, organisation and stored documentation. These policies and procedures are available for parents and carers to view at any time and a copy is available on the information table within the setting.


The health and welfare of our children and staff is of extreme importance, we aim to operate a clean environment with a minimum amount of infection and do this through operating a colour coded cleaning system and following a policy in regards to sick and ill children. By using these methods and following general rules of health, safety and hygiene we reduce the risk of illness and infection being passed on to others. Our Hygiene report for 2021 scored 5 stars!


The nursery carries out risk assessments on all activities and endeavours to reduce risk through carrying out of detailed assessments. Staff are aware of risks within the daily operation of the nursery and maintain a safe environment through regular checks and recording of findings.

Fire drills are carried out every 3 months to ensure staff and children are familiar with the routine and comments and adjustments are made to ensure the procedure works effectively.


Staff at Cheeky Monkees view security of high importance. The setting benefits from an easydentic finger print recognition system which permits only approved member to enter  the setting. Visitors are only allowed on site with supervised access at all times and must sign the visitor’s book on entry and departure to the nursery.


Fresh and open space are a necessity for all children. The nursery boasts 2 outdoor play areas which allow opportunity for outdoor play regardless of whether. Our grassed play area allows for safe play with a soft base for children to explore their gross motor skills. Our hard standing play area allows children to access outdoor play when weather is too wet for the grass and provides children with a safe and secure area to burn off their energy.

Outdoor play allows for both free play and structured outdoor activities and benefits the child in a holistic sense in relation to their development.

In addition to on site out door play opportunities children have access to local facilities within Stockton Town centre and surrounding areas. This is enhanced by the use of our company vehicles which enable us to reach further places of interest, providing educational and recreational experiences for the children in our care.

Our setting meets the requirements under Ofsted of the Early Years Foundation Stage Welfare Requirements.

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