Healthy Eating

Nutrition at Cheeky Monkees

We understand the importance of children eating healthily and we believe that this is an important time to foster this ethos. At Cheeky Monkees Day Nursery, we aim to provide children with a healthy, nutritious and well balanced diet. Our meals have been carefully selected aiming to provide a balance of foods for children in our care. Meals are based on a 4 weekly cycle and address the dietary and cultural needs of children in our care. Our fully qualified cook hand prepares lunch time meals for children; these are hot wholesome meals providing children with a balance of vegetables and nutrition. Tea is prepared by staff with an appropriate food hygiene certificate and serves children with a variety of choice. We aim to provide children with 5 fruit and vegetables a day and these are offered through meals and snacks whilst children are in our care. Children are provided with milk or water throughout the day with meals and snacks, drinks are readily available to maintain fluid levels for children. The menu is always available for viewing and is located in the entrance hall of the Nursery on the Information board. We endeavour to cater for all health, religious, cultural and personal requirements that children may have. Should your child have any dietary requirements, please feel free to discuss these. Our setting has achieved a 5 star hygiene award.

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