After School

Cheeky Monkees provides facilities for Breakfast, After School and Holiday Clubs. Breakfast and Afterschool currently operates from the Nursery.

Holiday Club operates from Stockton Nursery but children can be dropped off and picked up from Marske, Thornaby & Billingham settings.

Our Out Of School Facilities are fully Ofsted registered to a high standard and operate between 7am and 9am and 3pm till 6pm term time and between 7am and 6pm during school holidays.

We aim to provide a range of activities that are both play and educational based, covering a range of age groups. Our facility is set up to provide children with play areas to allow them to experience a range of activities in the one location. In addition to indoor activities children part take in out door activities which may include ball games, a play in the park, a trip to a nearby venue or a venture to the cinema, bowling or other attraction in school holidays.

Children are collected from schools in the local area, we collect from schools in Redcar, Marske, New Marske and Dormanstown. Children are transported by one of our fully insured company vehicles.

Our Holiday Club enables children to visit a wide range of places of interest and fun these include visiting local museums, going to the beach, soft play, games, parks and much, much more.


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